Lisa-Lady of Inspiration

One of the treasures I have found in instagram is definitely Lisa Messenger. As I discovered her there, I literally started stalking her, picture by picture,or rather caption by caption. Because she posts inspirational texts which give you the exact amount of motivation you needed for the day. So I named her my insta vitamin, that I take daily into my brain. Therefore my willing to have and read her books was just a natural reaction of this treatment. 

"Life&Love Creating the dream" was the first book I wanted to have. Unfortunately it was availabe only as E-Book in Germany. I say "unfortunately", because I love real books, I mean a tangible book to hold in my hands. The smell of a new book (well, old books either), the feeling when you turn the pages, and most of all, the power of underlining the sections you want to remember for later in pink or neon green, all of these give me pleasure to READ a book. Hence, I was very critical about my first iBook buy. But, Lisa Messenger on the ipad was better than having it not at all. It turned out, that it was not so bad to read a book on the iPad.

As you see below, you can still turn the pages and underline the text.

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My first Book party

For those of you, who follow me on instagram, know already that recently my first book was published in Mongolia. It is a coffeetable book, named "A curious heart" with my 16 articles in fashion, art and travel. Some of you asked me on instagram, if I'd publish it in english. If I ever consider it to publish in foreign language, then it would rather be in german language, due to the fact that I am far more familiar with this language than with english. Sometimes, I even consider to change the blog language into german.

My very first book party took place at the Honorary General Consulate of Mongolia in Munich last sunday.Below you will find the flyer. My beautiful friend acted as a model for this.   

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My girl crush:Megan Hess

Three years ago,I discovered Megan Hess on instagram. I was instantly in love with her beautiful illustrations and started to stalk her. I adored this elegant lady with long blond hair and very feminine style so much that I told my husband every day, what a woman she is and how amazing her illustrations are. "They are so you" he said.

I was very excited, as I unpacked my christmas present from him and found her first book "Fashion House". Words can't describe, how happy I was. I started reading and admiring every single page of it whole evening. 

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