Pinboard Design-it-yourself

If you love pinboards or mood boards, or even so called inspiring boards like I do, I am sharing you herewith a very easy design-it-yourself idea. You will need a custom made wooden framed cork pinboard, acrylic or oil paint colors and crepe masking tape. If you live in Germany, this kind of simple wooden framed pinboard is available at the stationery department of Kaufhof, Karstadt or Müller for about 5-10€ depending on its size.  

I always prefer white, because it is clean and simple. After all, your pinboard would be colorful enough after hanging your favourite pictures, postcards etc. Just color the frame first with acrylic. Acrylic colors won't fade after drying and they are cheaper than oil paint colors, that is why I favor them. While doing that, color the pinboard background also in white. Then white background is the best for painting it over, as is generally known.

After drying the frame and backround completely, attach the frame in and out with adhesive crepe masking tape to protect it from overpainting with another color. Choose your background color as you wish. Here I wanted it to be a hot pink one like René Gruau's illustration for the Miss Dior advertisement in the 50's. René Gruau is my all time favourite fashion illustrator, actually he is the one, who led me to become fond of fashion illustrations. It all started with him, I would say. I visited an extraordinary exhibition of his artwork in Munich, a blog post about my visit there is already up on the blog in mongolian language under art category. I will try to upload it in english soon.

I love to personalize it with my name on, like it reminds me of being active instead of being lazy: Hey Chansy, your dreams are waiting to be fulfilled. I chose a beautiful quotation from Siddhartha.It says "All that we are is the result of what we have thought". I believe that we are shaped by our thoughts. So it inspires me to stay on a positive side with beautiful thoughts. Below, this is how my pinboard now looks like. 

Furthermore I think this is a nice personalized present for your friends. So I "did" it several times to my friends. Here are some another examples of designs. 

I hope, you will design your pinboard and hang it on your wall. Fill it with inspiring pictures, notes and items as reminders that kick you in the ass to do something for your dream ;) If you have personalized your pinboard, please share it on instagram @Chansy_Dash with #Chansysdeskdeko. I would be happy to see it!

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