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I don't like empty walls. Blank spaces always look abandoned and cold for me. I always decorated my dormitory room wall at high school back then with Backstreet Boys poster or some magazine cut outs. By the way, who was  your Backstreet Boys crush? Mine was Kevin.Tastes definitely change over the years ;) Later in Germany, at the student dormitory I just taped various pictures, since it was not allowed to hammer any hole in any size on the wall by dormitory rules. Now, the wall in my room is my canvas, I can attach anything I want or mostly can to it. These days I prefer IKEA frames with passepartout. I will always choose a passepertout frame, because it really refines any picture in it and make it look more noble. 

I have removed recently that lavender lady on canvas on the right due to the fact that mixing materials makes the wall look chaotic. Therefore, just frames in similar design, very clean in black or white, so that they don't compete with the pictures in them. 

Below, it is an old mongolian calligraphy, it says "Book". Did I mention, that book is not just hobby for me? It is a fate.It is my big love. So I bought it immediately, as I was looking for souvenirs and presents from Mongolia two years ago. Next to it, you see the beautiful painting of fountain Trevi, Rome by Karl Lagerfeld. If you follow me on instagram, you already know that I am huge fan of Karl. I have written two articles about his exhibitions in Essen and Bonn city, Germany. They were published on the mongolian magazine "Goodali". I will upload an english version of those on the blog soon. I have a very nice memory of the eternal city Rome, so I had to frame this painting, which I got from Karl's "Glory of Water" photo exhibition. It evokes wonderful feeling everytime when I look at it.

This calligraphy is my name in old mongolian script. It reads from up to down. It was a present from my best friends from university in Mongolia and of particular importance to me. So precious, it reminds me of my student time full of beautiful memories, surrounded by dearest people, who happened to be  life long friends since then. 

Do you love this role of Audrey like I do? Ariane is one of my absolutely favourite roles of her. This scene just made me cry and feel the pain, she was going through. Still she has this elegance, like no other. Look at these gloves and the flower! Absolutely stunning! More of it I will share on the blog in the movie category soon. 

I found this small picture of an open book with letters flying over it from internet. Sometimes, when I am abstracted by irrelevant and unnecessary thoughts or doubts, just sit and daydream, or just waste time, I see this picture telling me to return to my work and go on writing. When I see the letters floating, it inspires me to continue writing.


Isn't this vintage cover of Vogue from April, 1950 amazing? Vogue is beside Instyle my absolutely favourite magazine. I always dream of working for Vogue one day.If I ever get a chance for an interview with Vogue human resource manager, I would highlight my passionate interest in fashion, art and culture while they probably keep referring to my legal education. No, not for the legal department, I want to intern in fashion journalism, I would keep telling them ;) 


Audrey's pictures stand for me for femininity, elegance and class. Deeply concentrated on my thesis, it may occur that I bend over my books, it tends to hunch. As soon as I see this picture, I think of my posture and sit correctly. Cheerfully I think of walking in a fancy dress in a beautiful nature, having a girly time after the work has done.


Under it, you see the lavender colored painting of boats. I bought it in Rovinj, Croatia, from the painter himself on the Artists Street as I visited one of the ateliers. Beautiful painting. It reminds me of staying curious and adventurous. It tells me to dare. Remember the saying "A ship is safe in a harbour, but that is not what ships are built for"? Somehow these boats remind me of that. 

So this is my wall gallery. Are you a fan of wall gallery too? What inspirational pictures would you choose for yours and why? Share it on @chansy_dash, #chansysdeskdeko. 

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    BJ (Donnerstag, 02 Juni 2016 17:26)

    amazing! thanks for sharing it. unfortunately I don't have any wall gallery at the moment. your writing definitely inspired me to have one. thanks!