Tulip field delight

From middle of April till these days of May tulips appear everywhere in Bavaria. Tulip rows on the flower field look better than any billboard advertisement, they make you stop by and pick them up. For me and my pink bicycle, which I call fondly as my student ferrari, such flower fields are perfect destination for a short ride on a nice puropse.  

Tulips 10 pcs. 5€

A natural flower "shop" without seller

self -service

This time, just the pink ones...

Tulips on the shore of bavarian Ammer Lake

Not only tulips from flower field or nature make their surroundings colorful, but also these ones from any supermarket in May. Spring is just delightful tuliip season!

When I visited the atelier of my father-in-law, I found colorful tulips underlining any artwork beautifully.

Tulips as decoration bring lots of colorful joy at home.

In spring tulips are the best actors for my instagram photo shoot ;)

Bavaria is certainly not home of tulips like the Netherlands. But for me these flower fields in Bavaria are really impressive and I admire every row of it everytime I walk along...

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