When in Paris...My 10 favorite spots

Paris was and still is one of my absolute desired destinations. I remember spending the whole night excited without sleeping till early morning first time, as I headed to Paris. Meanwhile I have been to Paris several times, but Paris offers always some new facets every time when I visit. I am sharing you a listing of my favorite 10  things I love to do so far in Paris. Maybe it will give you some inspirations next time you visit Paris or  it just make you reminisce about your last visit there.

Bonjour Paris!

No other spot than this iconic one would be a worthy symbol of the city. Isn't it impressive that this tower with a height of more than 300 meters was built in only 2 years and 2 months? Its construction was criticised by group of french artists and intellectuals at the start and wasn't welcomed at all. Ironically this technical and architectural creation is now number one sighstseeing spot of Paris, which inspires millions of people, artists among them. Here I start my number one of the listing:

1. To go to the top of the Eiffel Tower

Especially by night. You will have a breathtaking view of this city of lights from above. In the daytime the queue for the lift to the top floor is always long, so it is better to enjoy other sightseeings by day and come back after sunset for a shorter queue.It will worth the wait!

Isn't the tower just beautiful by night?

That is the view of Paris by night from above!

2. To ride on the carousel by Eiffel Tower

One doesn't have to be a kid to take a ride on the carousel. I highly recommend you to do it!For me, I don't miss a chance to ride on it. You will enjoy the parisian music, view around carousel and it is at the feet of the Tower, so close, so special.

3. A boat trip on the River Seine

The best way to explore Paris, when you want to see as many sightseeings as possible in a short time. You can have a breakfast, lunch or romantic dinner while exploring or just an hour of touristic trip, where you enjoy beautiful spots passing by on your right and left. Very informative too, if you choose the guided one. I usually take a boat trip first, to decide which places I would explore on foot later.

4. To buy a perfume in Sephora on the Avenue Champs-Élysées

Naturally Avenue Champs-Élysées is a fixed program for every Paris visitor. To stroll down the avenue to the Arc de Triomphe, to do some shopping, to buy some souvenirs-it is all in. I point Sephora, because it is THE perfume and beauty product paradise and hey, what's more parisian than a perfume bought right from the heart of it?

How long would you use a 1.3Litre perfume?

Buy a French Vogue here, read (if you can french)or just look at the pictures while having a cup of coffee on the terrace-I love to do so^^

Champs-Élysées lighted during Christmas time

5. To have a visit at Ladurée

I mean, where on earth can you find the original french macarons to try, when not here? Very delicieux! Typical parisian souvenirs, not touristic ones, but those parisian chic ones such as scented candles, macaron key chains, soaps and perfumes will be waiting for you here.

6. To have a walk at the Place Vendôme

This place is probably the most chic place in Paris with its fancy boutiques and Hotel Ritz. But mostly it has spirit of nostalgia with all those famous names: Chanel, Chopin...

7. To have a break in the Garden Tuileries

A triple program including the Louvre, place de la Concorde and Tulieries, will require a break. And the garden Tuileries is the perfect place to snack on something or have some drink. I enjoy having a rest here and observe french lust for life.

That fountain, where Anne Hathaway threw her handy at the end of the movie "Devil wears Prada"

8. To play in the Disneypark

Disneyland Park is only about 30 km away from Paris. A park full of magic, dream and creativity, perfect place to feel free like a child. It will be perfect destination for family holiday.

9.To visit Buttes Chaumont park

Unbelievable, that in the middle of this crowded city full of tourists, there is an urban public park to enjoy. It is green, it will make you feel as if you were out of town. A peaceful place to calm down and refill your energy for the next Paris adventure. Remember, there is a Buttes Chaumont poster hanging in the apartment of Monica in Friends?

10. Museum Grévin

That will be a huge fun here in wax museum, especially with friends. Many prominent actors, actresses, singer, athlete, sportsmen and public figures are waiting for you to pose with them and take a picture.

That was the listing of my favourite 10 spots. I haven't included Montmartre, Versailles, Notre Dame etc. Of course they are Must sees in Paris, but somehow I had to set limits for my listing.I hope you enjoyed it. Next time when I visit Paris, I will make an art tour exploring all the art museums on the trails of impressionists and Co.,Before you head to Paris, watch "Funny Face" and "Paris when it sizzles" with Audrey Hepburn, Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" and "Paris, je t'aime". For those, who want to read about Paris, I'recommend following books: 

Thank you for reading and have fun in Paris! And do not forget to take your beret with you, when you travel in cold season.


À la prochaine fois, Paris!

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