Happy International Womens Day!

My mother-in-law has once gave me for 8th of March these series of newspaper articles about 11 famous women, which were published in the German weekly press "Time". 

Isn't it a thoughtful kind gesture to collect them weekly for me? I was very happy about this present.

This is how it looks, when I am done with readings.

Among all the impressive stories about one of the German very first female pilots,who died at the age of only 25 but left a grand story on air, the first female astronomer and astronomy professor in USA, the first female parliament member in Germany,the first female cosmonaut of the world, a brave reporter, who covered reportage from 9 different wars and wrote from more than 50 countries, there was one story, which had a profound impact on me: A story about Elise Hirschmann,  jewish journalist and court reporter during Nazi regime, who wrote under a pseudonym Gabriel Tergit. She was only 19, as she wrote her first article in the middle of First World War. Later on, she followed an acquainted lawyer to a trial, avoided to make notes not to attract attention and be conspicuous, memorized instead every name and fact, as she experienced her presence in the court for the first time. She then wrote her article from her memory. At the time, where freedom of opinion did not exist, to have an opinion and to express and defend it without fear, takes courage indeed.

Furthermore I loved the story about Ada Lovelace, who wrote first algorithm-today we call it a software program-before computer was even invented. The fact, that she sent her husband to the libraries for her research impressed me deeply. At the time, where it was not allowed for women to enter a library not to mention that it wasn't allowed for women to study at universities, to stand for her academic needs and to achieve them is just an outstanding effort for me.

To sustain one's position as a woman in the managing board of a big corporation, that was naturally dominated by men, at the time where women were not allowed to work without their husband's permission, is surely not an easy task. If only she'd knew, that in 14 years after her death, that discriminating law would expire. 

Nowadays, we as today's women have much more rights and freedoms than those of earlier years. We should be aware of these rights, value them and make the BEST of them. Then it was not easy and quick to achieve them. Enjoy your rights but do not forget your commitments and engagements, Do good, Make good, Be good. 

Happy International Womens Day,my dears!



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    Naraa (Freitag, 04 August 2017 15:27)

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