Autumn magic on the Lake Wessling

Bavaria, Germany has many beautiful and enjoyable lakes. Besides the well-known big lakes, there are some small lakes, which absolutely worth a visit. Only about 25 km away from Munich city, you will find an idyllic small lake in a small town called Wessling. A perfect destination for a half-day or a day trip, if you love nature. Every season it offers breathtaking view and different color shades.

Here are some fall impressions from Wessling Lake.

A balloon, coincidentally in the same color of my blog, with a typical wedding wish card at the rope end landed on the lake. It is too heavy to fly and too light to drown, offers a capturing moment in balance...

After having a walk around the small lake, you can buy pumpkins from local farmers for pumpkin cream soup at home later and complete the fall day.

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